Algebra 2 Objectives

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Algebra 2 Objectives
Geometry Objectives
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First Semester

      Probability/Statistics—identify how outliers affect a regression line

      Algebraic Concepts

            Solve, graph, and analyze systems of linear equations & inequalities

            Solve multi-step problems with rate, distance, ratio, proportion, average & percent

            Find the solutions of a polynomial by factoring and by synthetic division

            Solve quadratic equations by graphing, factoring, completing the square and using the quadratic formula

            Convert expressions from radical notations and vice versa

            Solve rational equations

            Define and perform operations on real and complex numbers


            Define and distinguish between relations and functions

            Find and graph the inverse of a given function

            Use functional notation and specify domain and range

            Identify the parent graph of quadratic functions

            Interpret the maximum and minimum values, and the y-intercept of quadratic functions

            Compare the relationships between the intercepts and the roots of a quadratic equation to solve problems

      Matrix Algebra

            Add, subtract, and multiply matrices to solve problems

            Find the inverse and determinant of a matrix to solve problems

            Use matrices to solve systems of equations


 Second Semester


            Collect data that involves two variables and display it on a scatter plot, and interpret results by applying a linear, exponential, or quadratic model/equation and recognize whether it is a curve of best fit for the data

            Analyze and synthesize data using measures of central tendency and standard deviation


      Algebraic Concepts

            Graph rational expressions, identify intercepts, and asymptotes

            Simplify rational expressions

            Differentiate between arithmetic and geometric sequences and series


            Interpret and graph exponential and logarithmic functions

            Apply the inverse relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions

            Use exponential and logarithmic functions to solve problems

      Calculus / Pre-Calculus

            Identify, graph, and write the equations of conic sections